AI & Writing Resources
Through my research and teaching, especially as the co-instructor of ENGL 222X: AI and Writing at Iowa State University, I've created immersive activities and practical workshops to educate students and instructors on using AI responsibly and effectively.
Open-Access Prompt Engineering Activity
I designed an advanced prompt engineering activity for my students in ENGL 222X: AI and Writing. I'm happy to share it with other instructors who want to promote AI literacies in their classes. This activity can easily be modified for any course — and I'd be happy to provide guidance on implementing it if you reach out!
AI Ethics Tutoring Prompt, Student Guide, and Instructor Guide

Dr. Abram Anders and I developed a set of materials to support the ethical use of AI in academic settings:

AI Ethics: Instructor Guide — This document provides a copy of our AI Tutoring Prompt and three different lesson plans you can use to teach AI Ethics in your courses. You can create a copy and adapt it freely for your own use.

AI Ethics: Student Guide — This document provides an overview of issues students should learn about to use AI ethically for learning. This format is suitable for use as a student handout. You can create a copy and adapt it freely for your own use.

AI Ethics Tutoring Prompt — In our Substack post, we share a full prompt that can be pasted into your favorite generative AI tool to guide you through an ethical discussion with an AI "tutor."

Generative AI Creative Projects

Our AI & Writing students made some impressive final projects using a variety of AI tools. I'm so proud of what they were able to accomplish in just a few weeks with AI. A highlight: One student with no prior coding experience created an interactive mobile app entirely from scratch! Check out our Substack post if you're interested in seeing what else our students created.

I enjoy giving talks and workshops on innovative writing technologies and generative artificial intelligence for writing and learning. If you have a conference, organization, or class that would benefit from a talk or workshop, please reach out!
Invited Talks about AI & Writing Technology
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