Specific Teaching Interests:

— Artificial intelligence and writing

— Computers and language

— Introductory/advanced writing

— Educational technology

— Computational linguistics

— Programming for linguists

Check out my recently published teaching case!
I'm happy to share the publication of an open-access assignment for promoting advanced AI prompting skills, titled "Applying Advanced Generative AI Prompting Techniques." Dr. Abram Anders and I developed this assignment in our ENGL 222X: Artificial Intelligence & Writing class, and we were thrilled with how well our students could apply these advanced prompting techniques to their subsequent coursework. The assignment is published as part of an exciting collection, "TextGenEd: Teaching with Text Generation Technologies." I'd recommend the entire collection to any instructors interested in exploring innovative approaches to AI in the classroom!

Dux Speltz, E., & Anders, A. (2024). Applying advanced generative AI prompting techniques. In Continuing Experiments in Teaching with Text Generation Technologies (C. Schnitzler, A. Vee, & T. Laquintano, Eds.), Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Clearinghouse. https://doi.org/10.37514/TWR-J.2024.2.1.01
Teaching Experience
Instructor of Record
ENGL/LING 120 Computers and Language (in-person, 1 semester)
Topics: natural language processing, automated speech recognition, spell checkers and minimum editing distance, corpus linguistics, regular expressions in Python, automated writing evaluation, discourse analysis, computer-assisted language learning, assistive technologies for speech-language pathology, eye tracking and keystroke logging for writing instruction, and spoken and written dialogue systems

ENGL 150 Critical Thinking and Communication (in-person, 2 semesters)
Topics: primary/secondary source use, writing narratives, reading strategies, conducting personal interviews, analyzing multimodal texts

ENGL 250 Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic Composition (in-person, 3 semesters; hybrid, 1 semester)
Topics: writing summaries, rhetorical analyses, persuasive arguments, and documented research

HON 322 University Honors Seminar: Ethics and Moral Philosophy in NBC’s The Good Place (in-person, 1 semester)
Topics: utilitarianism, deontology, moral virtue, moral particularism, hedonism, nihilism, solipsism, existentialism, objectivism, rights and the social contract
ENGL 222X Artificial Intelligence and Writing (1 semester)
Topics: ChatGPT for writing, ethical challenges of artificial intelligence (AI), developing effective and advanced AI prompts, composing texts that integrate AI-generated and processed content

ENGL/LING 320X Topics in Linguistic Structure: Computational Linguistics (1 semester)
Topics: Python programming language for computational linguistics, minimum editing distance, regular expressions

ENGL/LING 420 History of the English Language (in-person, 1 semester)
Topics: language change, Proto-Indo-European, Proto-Germanic, Old English, Middle English, Modern English

ENGL/LING 516 Methods of Formal Linguistic Analysis (in-person, 2 semesters)
Topics: Python programming language, Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK), computational linguistics, regular expressions

ENGL/LING 520 Computational Analyses of English (in-person, 1 semester)
Topics: Regular expressions, dynamic programming, Hidden Markov Models, part-of-speech tagging, processing syntactic-parse information

HON 120 First-Year Honors Seminar (1 semester)

Topics: Creating a four-year program of study, navigating campus resources and the Honors program

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